Ryanair annual report 2008 pdf

ryanair annual report 2008 pdf *Source: Based on latest published annual reports *Source: Ryanair and AEA published statistics 2006 **Refused to publish (“RTP”) 8 Growth With an average fare of just 44 (£30) - which is 50% cheaper than that of any other major European airlines - it is no surprise that Ryanair continues to grow strongly. 10 Ryanair Annual Report, 2001. 11 Ryanair 2007 half-yearly results. 12 FT Reporters, 'Airlines in backlash over travel restrictions', Financial Times, 19/20 August (2006), p. 1. 13 S. Cairns and C. Newson, Predict and decide: Aviation, climate change and UK policy, ECI Research Report 33, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, 2006. x ANNUAL REPORT PURSUANT T O SECTION 13 OR 15(d) OF THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 For the Fiscal Year Ended: March 31, 2002 0-29304 (Commission file number) Ryanair Holdings plc (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter) Ryanair Holdings plc (Translation of regis trant’s name into English) Republic of Ireland. See our annual reports, interim reports and presentations, monthly traffic figures and prospectuses. Menu 2008 (pdf) 2007 (pdf) 2006 (pdf) 2005 (pdf) 2004 (pdf) 2003 (pdf) 2002 (pdf) Investor presentation October. Download the latest investor presentation here. January.

DOWNLOAD now Ryanair annual report 2008 pdf

ryanair annual report 2008 pdf

ryanair annual report 2008 pdf

Annual Report 2008 Web_rynair

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ryanair annual report 2008 pdf

GROWTH OVER THE 2018-2019 FINANCIAL CYCLE IN LIGHT OF A SOFT BREXIT. A number of negative reports relating to Ryanair have 0070010628.pdf successfully did post-recession in 2008. (Ref: Diagram 1). The base openings. the AMF on March 26, 2008 under filing number D.08-149 ; the statutory financial statements and the statutory auditors'. • report relative to the fiscal year ended. Nov 8, 2019 — Calculated using the formula laid out in IAG's Annual Report 2018. Return on Ryanair recently said the holding company will “focus upon 2008. 8. 6. 2009. 9. 6. 2010. 6. 2. 2011. 4. 3. 2012. 6. 4. 2013. 4. 2. 2014. 4. 2. 2015.

ryanair annual report 2008 pdf

Sep 24, 2009 — *Source: Ryanair and AEA published statistics Nov 2008 – Mar 2009. Ryanair's *Source: Based on latest published annual reports. *Source. Jul 16, 2008 — (i) The 2008 adjusted net profit excludes €91.6m relating to the sustainable business model, lower costs and a strong balance sheet, like.

RYANAIR -THE LOW-FARES AIRLINE Ryanair -the low-fares airline

Financial Analysis for Ryanair and Easyjet - Part 12

Financial Analysis for Ryanair and Easyjet - Part 12

Chapter 4. Comparative Analysis

Comparative analysis of ratio is the main feature of the ratios analysis. Comparative analysis accounts developing comparison of ratios of read article across years, entitled as the horizontal analysis, whereas comparison within the components of the main financial statements is entitled as the vertical analysis.
Another, measure of comparative analysis is developing comparison of the company across competitors. This methodology provides insight about the position of the firm within industry. Further, such comparison also provides information pertaining to the chances improvement in various operational constituents.

By analyzing the financial statements of the two airlines, it has been identified that the revenues of the airlines have been increasing. Moreover, the report identified increasing profits of the two airlines. However by analyzing the two companies in detail, it has been identified that the increase in the revenue of Ryanair is a lot more than the increase in the revenue of the easyJet. Moreover, with the passage of time, Ryanair and its traffic has been increasing at a higher pace than easyJet.

Ryanair reported a loss in 2009, however from then on and with the increase in demand of the airlines particularly low cost airline, Ryanair has been able to enhance its profits. The company has been able to increase its profits from a net loss of €169 million in 2009 to a profit of €560 million in the year 2012. Thus a constant increase in the profits has been identified in the financial performance of the firm. However comparing Ryanair with easyJet the profits have not increased with the same pace, though the profits have increased. The profitability of the airline in the year 2009 was €71 million which has increased to €255 million.

The other important difference identified with the two companies is how the management has approach the liquidity of the airline. Ryanair is happy to keep sufficient level of current assets in comparison to the current liabilities whereas easyJet is not so interested in keeping too many current assets and thus the liquidity https://roaden.click/communication/cricket-games-for-touch-screen-mobiles.php of Ryanair is more stable or it can be said that it has more current assets to current liabilities than the current assets and current liabilities report easyJet. In addition to this, Ryanair has too much cash on hand and it could be to meet the operating expenses and ensure that the operations of the airlines are maintained and completed appropriately however easyJet is not slanted to keep too much cash on hand.

Gearing ratio also shows the differences between the two companies. Ryanair has been constantly increasing the ratio of debt in the capital structure and this would result in further increasing the earnings of the shareholders as the management is trying to take advantage of the leverage concept. However easyJet on the 2008 hand has been trying to reduce the ratio of debt in the capital structure. Reduction in the debt would result in reducing the risk of pdf airline; however this would mean lower earnings to the shareholders.

Besides financial assessment, other important aspects that differentiate Ryanair is the customer satisfaction level. In the airline industry, managing time and being on time is important and it has an important role in the customer satisfaction level. Ryanair is 95% of the times on time whereas easyJet has increased this aspect and it has increased being on time from 66% in 2010 to 88% in the year 2012 and the impact of being on time, has further helped easyJet to increase its revenues and increase the customer satisfaction level. Moreover, the feature that differentiates easyJet in comparison to Ryanair is that easyJet is that it is ranked as number 1 or 2 on 49 of the top ryanair routes of the world. Thus this has helped in improving the revenues of the airline.

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Conclusion and Recommendations

The report has presented the financial analysis of two of the leading international airlines; Ryanair and easyJet. Both the airlines have been operating in the low cost airline sector. In addition to this, both the airlines have been showing growth over the past three to four years and as a result of the growing trend of the companies, the sales and revenues of the companies have been increasing and so is the profits. Moreover, with the quality service and meeting the customer expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction Ryanair has become the leader in the market as it carries the highest number of passengers in a year. Though, easyJet is not far behind as it is ranked as the third largest airline in terms of number of passengers travelling through airline.

There are several recommendations and strategies that could help both the airlines to further improve their financial performances. One of the most important aspects is to make sure that the flights are on time as this is one of the most important elements in the airline industry in satisfying the customers. As the customers would be more satisfied, it would result in increasing revenues and thus increasing profits. Moreover, both the airlines need to further focus on better managing their human resource and particularly the cabin crew staff as they are directly interacting with the customers. The more training employees would be given, the better they would be able to manage and tackle the situations and thus it would further result in increasing annual satisfaction. It is important for the airlines to not only focus on the financial aspect or financial figures but focus on satisfying the customers and other important elements such as satisfying employees, managing operations adequately as if all these aspects are managed properly then it will ultimately result in increasing the sales and profits of the airlines.


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Income statement of Ryanair

Operating revenues2012201120102009
Scheduled revenues3,504.002,827.902,324.502,343.87
Ancillary revenues886.2801.6663.6598.10
Total operating revenues – continuing operations4,390.203,629.502,988.102,941.97
Operating expenses
Staff costs-415-376.1-335-309.30
Fuel and oil-1,593.60-1,227.00-893.9-1,257.06
Maintenance, materials and repairs-104-93.9-66.81
Aircraft rentals-90.7-97.2-95.5-12.75
Route charges-460.5-410.6-336.3-286.56
Airport and handling charges-554-491.8-459.1-443.39
Marketing, distribution and other-180-154.6-144.8-12.75
Icelandic volcanic ash related cost0-12.40
Total operating expenses-3,707.00-3,141.30-2,586.00-2,849.33
Operating profit – continuing operations683.2488.2402.192.63
Other income/(expense)
Finance income44.327.223.575.52
Finance expense-109.2-93.9-72.1-130.54
Foreign exchange gain/(loss)4.3-0.6-14.44
Loss on impairment of available-for-sale financial asset00-13.5-222.54
Gain on disposal of property, plant and equipment10.4020.00
Total other expense-50.2-67.3-61.1-273.12
Profit before tax633420.9341-180.49
Tax expense on profit on ordinary activities-72.6-46.3-35.711.31
Profit for the year – all attributable to equity holders of parent560.4374.6305.3-169.17
Basic earnings per ordinary share (euro cent)38.0325.2120.68-0.01
Diluted earnings per ordinary share (euro cent)37.9425.1420.6-0.01
Number of ordinary shares (in Ms)1,473.701,485.701,476.401,478.47
Number of diluted shares (in Ms)1,477.001,490.101,481.701,478.47

Balance sheet of Ryanair

Non-current assets2012201120102009
Property, plant and equipment4,925.204,933.704,314.203644.824
Intangible assets46.846.846.846.841
Available for sale financial assets149.7114116.293.15
Derivative financial instruments3.323.922.859.97
Total non-current assets5,125.005,118.404,500.003844.785
Current assets
Other assets64.999.480.691.053
Current tax9.30.500
Trade receivables51.550.644.341.791
Derivative financial instruments231.9383.8122.6129.962
Restricted cash35.142.967.8291.601
Financial assets: cash > 3 2008 and cash equivalents2,708.302,028.301,477.901583.194
Total current assets3,876.003,477.603,063.402543.077
Total assets9,001.008,596.007,563.402543.077
Current liabilities
Trade payables181.2150.8154132.671
Accrued expenses and other liabilities1,237.201,224.301,088.20905.715
Current maturities of debt368.4336.7265.5202.941
Current tax0.90.425
Derivative financial instruments28.2125.441137.439
Total current liabilities1,815.001,837.201,549.601379.191
Non-current games psp for android financial instruments53.68.335.454.074
Deferred tax319.4267.7199.6155.524
Other creditors146.3126.6136.6106.549
Non-current maturities of debt3,256.803,312.702,690.702195.499
Total non-current liabilities3,879.303,804.903,165.202583.61
Shareholders’ equity
Issued share capital9.
Share premium account666.4659.3631.9617.426
Capital redemption reserve0.
Retained earnings2,400.101,967.602,083.501777.727
Other reserves230.2317123.320.061
Shareholders’ equity3,306.702,953.902,848.602425.061
Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity9,001.008,596.007,563.406387.862

Income statement of easyJet

Seat Revenue379433892401.72150.5
Non-seat revenue6063571.4516.3
Total revenue385434522973.12666.8
Ground operations-955-923-274.4-255.9
Selling and marketing-104-102
Other costs-200-171
Aircraft dry leasing-95-109-102-116.2
Amortization of intangible assets -8-7-6.2-4.4
Operating profit331269173.660.1
Interest receivable and other financing income1197.122.5
Interest payable and other financing charges-25-30-26.7-27.9
Net finance charges-14-21-19.6-5.4
Profit before tax31724815454.7
Tax charge-62-23-32.716.5
Profit pdf the year255225121.371.2
Earnings per share

Balance sheet of easyJet

Non-current assets
Other intangible assets918686.881.7
Property, plant and equipment239521491,928.101,612.20
Derivative financial instruments21248.27.8
Loan notes101113.112.6
Restricted cash293332.548
Other non-current assets576353.562.7
Deferred tax assets0000.4
Total Non-current assets296827312,487.602,190.80
Current assets
Assets held for sale73.273.2
Trade and other receivables241165194.1241.8
Derivative financial instruments738352.668
Restricted cash1309023.124.3
Money market annual and cash equivalents6451100911.9788.6
Total Current assets132717381,514.901,482.20
Total Assets4,295.004,469.004,002.503,673.00
Current liabilities
Trade and other payables-1021-916-828.7-750.7
Derivative financial instruments-26-52-9.6-91.1
Current tax liabilities-29-9-27.5-57.7
Maintenance provisions-59-45-71.4-45.1
Total Current liabilities-1264-1177-1,064.60-1,062.20
Net current assets450.3420
Non-current liabilities
Derivative financial instruments-24-27-4-2.6
Non-current deferred income-46-59-56.6-52.6
Maintenance provisions-141-177-144.1-168.6
Deferred tax liabilities-198-179-147.9-76.7
Net Assets179417051,500.701,307.30
Shareholders’ equity
Share capital108108107.3106
Share premium656654651.6642.5
Hedging reserve421434.8-23.9
Translation reserve110.8-0.4
Retained earnings987928706.2583.1
Total Shareholders’ equity179417051,500.701,307.30
Total Shareholders’ equity + liabilities3,031.003,292.002,937.902,610.80

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