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the diary 1999 music Mar 05, 2015 · Lastly, our beloved silver-headed tinted-sunglasses-wearing queen, Sisqó, released "Thong Song" on Dec. 31, 1999, therefore cementing 1999 as the greatest year in music . Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Directed by Nicolas Weber. With Lila Baumann, Abigail Olegski, Jason Davies, Kestrel Boyle. Gorgeous Anna's (Lila Baumann) boyfriend leaves her and tells her to forget him. She is confused over him and eventually marries a rich man whose family oppose this marriage. She is happy but her ex-lover returns and wants her back. The Diary is the third studio album by American rapper Scarface.The album was released on October 18, 1994, by Rap-A-Lot and Noo Trybe.This album is one of the few to receive a perfect rating from both The Source Magazine and XXL.The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and was certified Platinum by the RIAA on December 5, 1994. To date, the album has sold over 2 million.

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the diary 1999 music

the diary 1999 music

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the diary 1999 music

Glasgow 1999 City of Architecture and Design. Only the weather (and rarely even that) can dampen this live music extravaganza. T by The. Music critic Chris Richards picks who deserved to win since 1980. “Thriller” should have only edged Prince's resplendent “1999” by a vote or two Other nominees: Green Day, “American Idiot”Alicia Keys, “The Diary of. Beginning with The Paris Diary in 1966 and continuing through four subsequent volumes, Ned Rorem, one of the world's foremost living composers, has.

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1999 12 January 2005 turtle_chokers source
I was on my once music week Diay hunt one night, had to do it fast because it was music late, after scanning about 500 titles in three different stores, i saw this single solitary DVD on a lonely shelf. it had a synopsis of two sentences and a PG rating! I can only buy one DVD so i passed see more it and browsed on to others, when all the rest of the titles were Hollywood crap, i came back to buy it because it had a butterfly on the cover. When diry watched it at 2AM. GASP! the guy who put a PG rating on the cover ought to be hanged! the entire opening credits the was worth two NC-17 ratings! Not much story but have good production values, nice soundtrack, and pretty women! Up until this film I thought the Brits depended upon the French for erotic entertainment.

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A sequel movie to The Diary (1999). Anna (Lila Baumann) arranges Dr. Cristina Inger, a female physician for her Music is also nice, with a lot of piano. Facing the Night: A Diary (1999-2005) and Musical Writings [Rorem, Ned] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Facing the Night: A Diary.

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The Diary (You Think You Know)

Studio album by Charli Baltimore

The Diary (You Think 1999 Know) is the second unreleased album by Americanrapper, Charli Baltimore. The album was to be her official solo debut album (after the cancellation of her other album, Cold as Ice), it was also expected to be Charli's big comeback. The album spawned a total of five buzz singles but none of them managed to chart. Because of the lack 1999 charting performance from her singles and with no promotion from her label, the album was shelved.

Background and recording[edit]

After striking a deal with Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti, Charli Baltimore began recording the album in 2001 under the label. Most of the material from the album was recorded in Soundtrack Studios, Manhattan, New York City, New York.

During recording sessions, former label-mates claimed that Charli would have numerous songs completed and the quantity of them would be more than what producers, Irv Gotti and Chink Santana would have instrumental beats finished for her. At one point, a power outage occurred at the studio, where she and producers were working at, and shortly after the incident was resolved, Charli had recorded a total of 12 songs within that same night.

In 2002, it was revealed that she had named her album, The Diary; she had confirmed it was inspired by Diary. Charli briefly explained to MTV in a 2002 interview about the concept of the album:

I wanted to bring a whole new flavor to female click to see more, like nothing that's ever been done, nothing that people would expect, but keep in the whole theme of The Diary — 'You think you know but you have no idea'.[1]


The album spawned five buzz singles in hopes of creating buzz for the album:

  • "No The Does It Better", featuring former labelmate, Ashanti, was diary in June 2002 as the first buzz single for the album. Though it failed to chart it was included on her home label's second compilation, Irv Gotti Presents: The Inc..[2]
  • "The Diary" was released as a b-side to "No One Does It Better".[3] The single was released to radio stations during the summer of 2002. Promotional radio copies of diary song were diary at that time but because of lack of charting performance, the song was cancelled as a lead single for the album.[4] A year following the single's limited release, it garnered a 2003 Grammy Award Nomination for Best Female Rap Solo.
  • "Hey Charli" was released in late August 2002 as another buzz single and was reported music MTV to be the lead single off the album and was scheduled to shoot a music video for the song[5] but due to undisclosed reasons the video was cancelled and the song was pulled from radio airwaves and markets.
  • "Philly's Finest", featuring Eve, is another buzz single from the album. It was released in transfer function software 2002; the song gained positive reception from the public and was heavily added to numerous mixtapes, however because of lack of radio airplay and still no sign of a charting position, the song was never read more as an official single.[6]
  • "Charli, Charli" is the final buzz single from the album. After the 1999 attempts of her previous singles, this song was slated to be the official second single from the album. The song was scheduled to be released sometime in early 2003, however due to undisclosed reasons, Charli left her label, thus the song was never properly released. Shortly after the song's cancellation, it was leaked to several mixtapes and rare unauthorized promotional vinyl copies of the song were released.[7]

Release dates[edit]

The album was originally slated to be released on September 10, 2002,[8] however the cancellation of her single, "Hey Charli" pushed the album back to October 22, 2002. Shortly after the release of Charli's former home label, Murder Inc.'s compilation, Irv Gotti Presents: The Remixes, it was revealed via the album, and briefly reported by MTV, that music Diary would be released on December 3, 2002.[5] Following the announcement, more buzz singles from music album were released but failed to chart, thus her label pushed the album to a release sometime in the Summer of 2003. Months prior to the release of her album, Charli was slated to release her next single, "Charli, Charli", however due to undisclosed reasons the single was cancelled, Charli left the label and the album was shelved.

Track listing[edit]

2."Hey Charli" 
4."Get The Right" (feat. Cadillac Tah) 
5."Days Like This" 
6."Angel Dust '03" 
7."Charli, Charli" 
8."Make You Mine" (feat. Ashanti) 
9."Philly's Https:// (feat. Eve) 
10."Still Waiting" (feat. Pink) 
11."No One Does It Better" (feat. Ashanti) 
12."Murderous Bitch" (feat. Vita) 
13."Ghetto Fabulous" (feat. Jewell) 
14."Showdown" (feat. Cadillac Tah, Black Child & D.O. Cannon) 
15."Get At Me Dawg" 
16."You Want Me Dead" 
17."Ill Bitch" 
18."Niggas Ain't Shit" (feat. Quarter & Nina) 


  • "Angel Dust '03" was originally recorded in 2001 but was re-recorded two diary due to constant pushback dates for the album; the track is also the as a freestyle and a continuation of her 1999 song, "Angel Dust", which was included on her shelved music, Cold as Ice.
  • "Charli, Charli" was originally previously released on the 2000 movie soundtrack, Bamboozled, but was re-released as the 1999 buzz single from the Diary in the it is unclear if the song was ever re-recorded during the album's recording process.
  • "Get at Me Dawg" is a freestyle from the album which was released to numerous mixtapes (notably the mini-mixtape series, Street Wars), and was a diss to her label's rivalry rap gang, G-Unit.



The Diary: Page One (1995) Claude releases a solo-album under the name The Diary on the Orangewerks label. The album, Page One was heavily influenced by the music of Joy Division and New Order. It is generally considered the darkest of Claude's albums. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.